December Promotions

All SMB Playbook promotions and Advanced Playbook offers have been extended for all Divisions, with a change to the Business VoiceEdge promotions. See the details below.

SMB Playbook 

  • No changes, all promotions for all Divisions extended!

Advanced Playbook

  • All offers are extended and changes to the Business VoiceEdge Promotions are as follows:

Changes to Business VoiceEdge free phone with 3- and 5-year terms: 

  • Starting 11/22, BVE Polycom 250, 310, and 311 phones will no longer be $0.00 with all 3- or 5-year contract term orders.
  • However, we will have a new promotion where customers who sign a 3-year or 5-year contract term can receive these base model phones at a $0.00 promotional rate for the term of the contract. Upon the end of the contract, the rate will be increased to the current rate for subsequent years. A “$0 Phone” promotion must be applied in order to receive the $0 promotional rate.
  • NOTE:  All of the current Business VoiceEdge Promotions are the same and have been extended.  The only change is the new $0 phone promos were added to those offers.

The December Promotions Playbook and updated SMB Configurator have been posted to the Comcast Control Center (C3). Please contact your Master Agent or Comcast Business Partner Sales Manager for details.