A new feature has been added to the Prequalification page to support Bulk Serviceability. The feature will allow you to qualify up to 5,000 locations and provide you with salability results for both coax and fiber transport for those locations. If you have questions about the results, please contact your Partner Sales Manager (PSM) or Inside Partner Sales Manager (IPSM). If you have issues or questions with running the bulk check, please reach out to a member on Greg Trent’s team (Matt TrujilloTanu MittalSam Brodsky) and someone will assist you ASAP.

To begin using this feature, navigate to the Prequalification Tab and click the Bulk Serviceability button.

Click the Download Templatelink to download the sample CSV template.

Complete columns B through F when inserting the addresses you would like check for bulk serviceability.

Note: When you save your CSV file, the file name should not contain spaces or special characters.

Once you have saved your CSV file and it is ready to upload you will do the following steps:

  1. Click the Choose File button to browse and select your file.
  2. After your file has been selected, click the Upload File button to upload your file to Salesforce.

    Note: After your file has successfully been uploaded you will see the following message:
  3. Once the Submit File button is no longer grayed out, you can click the button to submit your file.

To confirm your file has been successfully submitted, you will see a Success message and you can see the file you uploaded in the My Uploads section and you can see the Status of your upload.

You will receive an email to notify you that your Bulk Serviceability check has finished.

You can then navigate back to the Bulk Serviceability page and click the Download link under the File to Download section to download your results file.

A CSV file will generate with the results of your serviceability request. For any location that can be qualified through the bulk serviceability process, you will receive a result for both fiber and coax transports. Locations that are unable to be processed will be removed from the file and not available to view in the results file.

Each location will have a color, a description and, if known or applicable, the total cost to deliver service to that location. Below is the Salability key that can be used to interpret the salability colors and descriptions.

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