Comcast Business currently offers three types of cloud connectivity services: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, and IBM. Cloud connections work to facilitate virtual or physical connections and have different requirements, depending upon the cloud carrier. The “cloud” facilitates a virtual cross connect and can give customers the security of an offsite connection without having to maintain expensive physical equipment.

There are a few key steps to the order entry process that sometimes get forgotten. You can avoid some common mistakes by remembering the following best practices when building an opportunity in C3:

  • Include one of the three cloud products in the name of the opportunity in C3: “Azure Cloud,” “AWS Cloud,” or “IBM”
  • Remember to select “Fiber” or “Off net,” depending on the type of connection you are selling. If you are selling a physical connection, then fiber. If it is a virtual connection, then select off net (remember to build the site as an off-net site type for virtual connection)
  • Remember to select “Yes,” to “Is there a date or colocation site”
  • Verify the data center site with your Partner Sales Manager (PSM) or Partner Sales Engineer (PSE) and make sure it is added to the opportunity

The rest of the process is similar to any other fiber opportunity. Remember to change the stage to Solution Proposal Accepted (SPA) so our Partner Support team will know it is ready to be reviewed. If you have additional questions, check out a more detailed job aid by clicking here or reach out to your PSM or Master Agent.