As a reminder, agents no longer need to launch walk out surveys for coax orders. As you know, we have been providing Salability results on the Prequalification screen in the Comcast Control Center (C3), but until recently not all Divisions were accepting Salability results to satisfy pre-sales survey requirements.

Going forward, the PSC will check Salability results on your coax orders and only launch a pre-sales walk-out survey when required. When the PSC reviews the Salability results they will check Divisional and Regional bypass rules to see what else may be required for that location.

What do the salability results mean?

Each Division has a different process for each color result along with some restrictions in certain markets. In general, you can expect the survey to take the following path depending on the salability color result:

Green Salability Result – Serviceable – May meet bypass criteria depending on Region and Division rules.

Yellow Salability Result – Serviceable – Construction is required but meets payback.

Orange Salability Result – Serviceable – Construction is necessary but a walkout survey is required to confirm costs and payback.

Red Salability Result – May not be serviceable or could be out of Comcast footprint.  A walkout survey is required to confirm serviceability and costs.

Did You Know?
Did You Know?
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