If you believe you have not been paid correctly for a Comcast opportunity, your Master Agent will assist you with researching that payment. They will create a dispute with our Commissions team on your behalf. Please make sure to provide your Master Agent with all the pertinent information necessary to research that payment (i.e. customer name, service(s), order/opportunity ID).

Below are a few things to keep in mind before contacting your Master Agent about commission payments.

  • Check the Line of Business (LOB) eligibility – did you originally sell that service? Comcast requires customers purchasing coax services to re-contract any existing services. Agents will only receive commissions on new services they sell to a customer.
  • Check the Current Amount Due (review customer’s bill) – from time to time a customer may upgrade or downgrade their service which will impact your commission amount.
  • Check if the services been installed at the customer’s location – commission payments do not start until after the customer’s services have been activated. Keep in mind that depending on when services are activated, it might take 30-45 days for Comcast to issue payment to the master agent. The master agent may also need some additional time to issue payment to you after receiving payment from Comcast.

For more information on what is commissionable, there are a couple of different resources available to you in the Comcast Control Center (C3) Library. The Clean Order Overview covers general rules of engagement for Comcast orders as well as more specific details on getting commissioned on Move/Add/Change (MAC) orders. There is another more in-depth document that covers rules of engagement for new and existing customers in more detail in the Channel Support Resources folder. If you have any questions about this process, please contact your master agent.

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