Submitting a Renewal Request is now easier than ever! Rather than sending an e-mail or task, we have now implemented a standardized process within the Comcast Control Center (C3) that will route to the appropriate teams for both SMB and Enterprise customers.

Locate the Customer Account in Salesforce that you want to renew. If you cannot locate the Account you can submit the request from your Partner Account. From the Account, hover over the Special Handlings related list and select the New Special Handling button.

Select Indirect Retention for the Record Type and click Continue.

Fill in the required fields defined below for a New Special Handling Request:

  1. Vertical: Select the proper vertical for your request (Standard/Hospitality).
  2. Product Category: Select either Metro-E or SMB depending on your customer.
  3. Product Selection: Depending on the Product Category you selected you will be presented with the products below. Choose the available product(s) and click the right arrow button to move your selection into the Chosen section.


    • SIP
    • Metro-E
    • PRI over Fiber
    • BVE over Fiber 


    • BTV
    • BI
    • BV
    • PRI over Coax
    • BVE over Coax
  1. Customer Account Number: Provide the Customer Account Number if known.
  2. Description: Provide a contact number and email for this Customer. If you are unable to locate the existing account, provide site details.


Click Save.

Attach either the Renewal Request Form (SMB) or Fiber Survey Request Form (Metro-E) to the Notes and Attachments section.

Double-click in the Status field, select Submitted for the Status and click OK.

Click Save.

After the Status changes to Submitted, an email will be sent to the user that submitted the request.

Your new request will route to a queue for the appropriate team:

  • Hospitality and Metro-E requests will flow to the Partner MACR queue
    • Phone: 855-862-9295 > Press 3 (Enterprise / Fiber / Metro-E) > Press 3 (Move, Add, or Change an Existing Customer)
    • Send a task to Partner MACR-SP
  • SMB requests will flow to the Indirect Retention queue
    • Phone: 888-203-6702
    • Send a task to Indirect Retention-SP

For more detailed information on how to complete the entire request as well as the operations process once the new Special Handling has been received, please review the Submitting New Renewal Request Job Aid within the C3 Libraries.

If you have any questions about the process, please reach out to your Partner Sales Manager (PSM) or Master Agent.

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