A Sales Support Request (SSR) is a new method of receiving and tracking requests for sales support. This new process will ensure requests for support get to the correct team faster and provide the requestor status updates along the way. The SSR provides both the requestor and the Operations team member a centralized location for all notes, attachments and status updates specific to that request.

Going forward an SSR will replace tasks for specific support types and requests. The SSR goes into a queue where it will be visible to the entire team responsible for that request, as well as management. . Tasks will continue to be used in situations not covered by an SSR and more for what they were designed for which is to be a reminder of when an activity is due or needs to be reviewed rather than a form of communication.

Check out our outline of the various type of SSRs and when they should be used. You will notice that these request types and categories mirror the most common types of tasks agents create in the Comcast Control Center (C3) when they need assistance. Using an SSR will save the user some time since the type and category is already pre-populated. You will still need to provide any additional relevant details for your request and attach any important documents as well. At the bottom of the document you will see instructions on how to create an SSR, and you will also find a list of frequently asked questions.

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