We will be hosting our monthly live Comcast Control Center (C3) training starting next week (click here for details). We start on Monday 9/14 by reviewing how to enter Business Class (Internet/Video/Voice) services, followed by fiber-based services on Tuesday, and hospitality/advanced voice/mixed orders on Wednesday. We will wrap up C3 training on Thursday with a review of reporting and other administrative type tasks.

In the Training section of the Download you will also find the other trainings we are offering in September. We will be doing a SMB Configurator / Clean Order training on 9/14 and 9/21. Then on 9/23 we will host a training session that will walk you through how to request an ICB.

In case you aren’t able to attend C3 training next week, you can watch our On Demand training tutorials in the Webinar section of the Download. Much like our Business Voice Edge (BVE) and Hospitality certification process, users will watch video tutorials to help prepare them for the certification test. To get the certification test sent to them, the user will complete a form that is right below the videos. Complete the form after you have watched the videos and the training team will send you a certification test. You can reach out to Jeff Armstrong or Caron Hay if you have questions about the certification test, or haven’t received it within one business day.

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