It is important for all Comcast Control Center (C3) users to know that since earlier this year, you can now access C3 from the Salesforce app on your mobile device. Below you will find detailed instructions on how to download and configure the app to work with C3. Users with Read Only access to C3 are also able to use the Salesforce App, which gives them basic functionality like prequalifying an address or viewing/creating tasks. No additional permissions or access is required once you have downloaded the Salesforce app, but there are some things you will have to configure before logging on the first time which are covered in detail below.

Configuration Instructions
From the App Store on your phone, search for Salesforce. Click the Download button to Download Salesforce to your phone or tablet.

Once the app has downloaded to your phone or tablet, click on the Salesforce Icon to open the app. If you have not downloaded the Salesforce app before, you will need to accept the Order Form Supplement before advancing to the login screen.

After clicking, “I Accept”, you will be taken the login screen. DO NOT ENTER your credentials yet. Click on Settings on the login screen.

You will see two connections, Production and Sandbox. To access C3 within the Salesforce app, you will need to add another connection. Click the “+” to add the connection.

You will type in in the Host name. For Label, you can type in C3. Click Done.

This will now redirect you to the login screen. Before typing in your BP Credentials, click on the Log In Using SAML link.

The log in screen should resemble the login screen you see on your desktop when you login to C3 today. Login with your BP credentials as you would on your desktop.

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