If you build an opportunity in the Comcast Control Center (C3) portal using a wrong address, you need to contact the Partner Support Coordinator (PSC) assigned to your opportunity and let them know that you will be correcting the address. This will allow them time to cancel any tasks they have open associated with the wrong address.

To make to correction start on the Account for your opportunity. Hover over available sites and select the Add Site button.

Fill in the correct address info and then select search.

Select the Standardized version of your address and select the Next button.

The next few steps are business as usual (BAU).  Fill in the Site Type and select Save and Exit.

This will return you to the Account screen. Navigate to the Parent Opportunity and hover over Workbench Quote and select New Workbench Quote.

All available sites will be visible. Select the correct address and then select create quote.

Be sure to upload all documents in to Contract Management BAU.  Once the changes have been made, communicate to the assigned PSC by either sending a task or an email. If you any questions about the process, please reach out to your Master Agent or your Partner Sales Manager.

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