Last year, Comcast Business launched Managed Router on ActiveCore℠, our networking platform that allows customers to virtualize their network functions.  Managed Router is a product that provides a Managed Services overlay to Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI) customers who require advanced routing capabilities.

Comcast Business recently launched Hardware Managed Router which will introduce new devices that expand our Managed Router offering to all Ethernet circuits, plus support a variety of additional routing features. Hardware Managed Router adds Juniper devices to the CPE line-up, in addition to the existing uCPE and also provides a stateful firewall, the same as SD-Router.

This enhancement is a win for our customers and makes selling Managed Router even easier. Please see the table below for benefits and detailed specifications of Hardware Managed Router.

Hardware Managed Router

Supported Use Cases
Supported Underlay
  • Single Circuit
    • Internet Only
    • Site-to-Site or Multi-Site Connectivity
  • Multi Circuit 
    • Internet Multi-Homing
    • Multi-WAN
    • Private Network with Internet Breakout
    • High Availability
  • Ethernet Dedicated Internet
  • Ethernet Network Services
  • Ethernet Private Line
  • Ethernet Virtual Private Line
  • Ethernet over Hybrid Fiber Coax
  • Business Internet
  • OIA (Off-Net)
  • BYO (non-Comcast underlay)


For more information on this service, please contact your Partner Sales Manager or Sales Engineer. The Solutions Provider Partner Program will also be posting Job Aids and sales materials in the Download and Channel Express to help our partners with their selling efforts.