All current promotions for all Divisions are extended, with updates in the Northeast and Central Divisions, effective July 22nd. Comcast Business is also launching a new connect SIK (self-install kit) program. See the updates below, and make sure to see the Summary of Changes for full details.

West Division

  • No changes. All offers extended

Northeast Division

  • All offers extended
  • Additional $100 off 1st PRI BPO (requires minimum Business Internet 200 or Ethernet) now available in NED. Was previously only available in Central and West

Central Division

  • All offers are extended
  • Coming 7/27 – Additional Sale price points for Business Internet 1G Double Play packages
    • Data, Voice Package at $210 – Data, Voice, Access Pack at $270 – Data, Voice, Secure Pack at $280 – Data, Voice, Network Pack at $280 – Data, Voice, Total Pack at $300
  • Product Restriction Update:
    • Big South is selling and installing ALL services
    • 7/22/20 Heartland and Chicago are both selling and installing ALL services
    • Florida remains the same, no DP/TP orders that include the restricted products: TV (unless sold as standalone), WiFi Pro or SmartOffice.

Comcast Business Self Install Kit (SIK) Trial
Comcast Business is launching a new connect SIK (self-install kit) program, beginning with Small Business Internet (BI) only customers. While some customers may want the white glove experience of a professional technical installation, others are looking for flexibility and take pride in their ability to own their site network and technology. See slide 3 of the Summary of Changes for full details.

The August Promotions Playbook and updated SMB Configurator have been posted to the Comcast Control Center (C3). Please contact your Master Agent or Comcast Business Partner Sales Manager for details.