As of July 14th, Comcast Business increased our Ethernet over Hybrid Fiber Coax (EoHFC) speeds to 30 Mbps in the Northeast and Central Divisions, with the West Division following shortly.

EoHFC is a great solution for your customers who could benefit from a fiber solution, but fiber isn’t available in their location, and it provides you with another opportunity to earn lucrative commissions.

Mid-market businesses throughout the U.S. are investing heavily in migrating from legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) networks to Ethernet services for faster, simpler and more cost-effective connections.  While fiber is the most common transport choice for Ethernet, less than 50 percent of buildings in the U.S. have it. On our Comcast network, we have approximately 70,000 buildings with fiber and more than 1.5 million with EoHFC.

When selling Ethernet services into a fiber-lit building, using already-installed fiber is great:  there are little to no construction costs, planning and time required. However, if there is no fiber and your customer needs no more than 30 Mbps (and many mid-market businesses today operate with only three Mbps), EoHFC is ideal.  And it supports all of our Ethernet Services offerings, including Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI), Ethernet Private Line (EPL), E-Access EPL, Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) and Ethernet Network Service (ENS).

Making our EoHFC service even more attractive to your customers, Comcast Business is now including a true fiber-grade Ciena network interface device (NID) with every HFC cable modem. With the NID, our EoHFC customers now have performance reporting on parity with fiber services and proactive monitoring – two tremendous benefits.

With EoHFC from Comcast Business, your customers have:

  • The ability to leverage Comcast’s existing infrastructure for faster installs with little or no construction costs and time requirements
  • Service Level Agreement of 99.9 percent availability
  • The opportunity to link smaller remote offices to bigger corporate locations because EoHFC easily integrates with fiber-based Ethernet end points
  • A better technology at a better price than TDM networks
  • Proactive monitoring and performan

For more Ethernet sales and realized commissions that don’t require long construction-related lead times, keep these critical factors in mind:

  • Hundreds of millions of dollars are being invested by businesses upgrading from TDM networks with less than 10 Mbps speeds; Comcast Business EoHFC can deliver up to 30 Mbps.
  • 1.5 million buildings in our Comcast network are already EoHFC lit
  • CIENA NID is included with every Comcast Business EoHFC service

For more information, please contact your Comcast Business Partner Sales Manager or your Master Agent.