The award-winning, carrier-grade ActiveCore SDN platform delivers the right foundation for businesses migrating to more cloud-based applications, digital transformation and a highly connected mobile workforce. As IT decision makers compare and evaluate the many SDN solutions on the market, it’s helpful to consider the following five valuable ActiveCore attributes:

  1. Flexibility –ActiveCore provides a flexible, scalable SDN platform that supports a variety of virtualized network functions (VNFs) and multiple communications transport options, either from Comcast or other providers.
  2. Built for Today’s Internet Dependent Business Apps and Functions – ActiveCore delivers an internet-friendly and cost-effective networking solution to help today’s connected businesses satisfy unprecedented and constantly escalating needs for greater bandwidth and network agility.
  3. Provides Unique Digital Experience – ActiveCore powers an innovative, one-of-a-kind digital experience that lets customers activate and manage their entire network through software. It provides visibility across the network from a single screen, anytime, anywhere, through a desktop portal or mobile device.
  4. Upgrades Provide New Features, Options – New software upgrades to the platform are further improving ActiveCore’s scale, agility and delivery experience.
  5. Why Businesses Need ActiveCore – With ActiveCore, businesses have a total network solution — including the freedom to use multiple carriers — from one source.

For a closer look at these 5 Things, see our Software Defined Networking 5 Things to Know eBook, and make sure to check next week’s issue of the Download for a closer look at Comcast Business SD-WAN.