Comcast Business software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) – the first virtualized network function (VNF) delivered over the ActiveCoreSM SDN platform — provides a modern networking solution for businesses striving to meet the massive bandwidth demands of today’s digital economy. Five key features to keep in mind when evaluating the many disparate products on the market today are that Comcast Business SD-WAN delivers:

  1. Anytime, Anywhere Network Access, Monitoring and Management – Centralized software controls give businesses the ability to manage, monitor and control VNFs anytime, anywhere over a desktop portal or mobile device. Users can even monitor their networks over the voice-activated Amazon Alexa.
  2. Ability to Prioritize, Route and Manage Traffic – Many businesses have multiple network solutions (hybrid networks), which may include legacy MPLS, as well as broadband or Ethernet to ensure network resiliency. Comcast Business SD-WAN’s application awareness allows users to identify, prioritize and steer traffic across the entire network.
  3. Reduced Management and Operations Expenses – Comcast Business SD-WAN is a software-based service with fixed-rate monthly fees, eliminating the need for expensive hardware and maintenance, and reducing dependence on complex, expensive MPLS technology and circuits.
  4. Advanced Solutions with No Vendor Lock-in – Delivered on the vendor-agnostic ActiveCore platform, our SD-WAN allows new VNFs from multiple approved vendors to be added as they become available, empowering customers to scale their networks as business needs evolve.
  5. Available as Managed SD-Wan – For businesses moving to SD-WAN and lacking the in-house technical support to manage multi-location WANs, Comcast Business now offers Managed SD-WAN, available with a choice of two service levels, SD-WAN Advanced and SD-WAN Standard.

For a closer look at these 5 Things, see our Software Defined Networking 5 Things to Know eBook, and make sure to check next week’s issue of the Download for a closer look at the Comcast Business ActiveCore SDN Digital Experience.