When submitting a new Ethernet opportunity, you will interact with a variety of different people within sales and sales support as the deal progresses forward.  As the opportunity reaches the final stages and is ready to be submitted for Sales Acceptance, any one of our internal sales and sales support users have the ability to submit the deal for Sales Acceptance. In an effort to keep all interested parties updated on the status of the deal they will be notified via email when a deal has been submitted for Sales Acceptance which is reflected in the Operational Milestone field on the Opportunity.

The notification will be distributed to the Opportunity Owner, the Sales Support rep defined on the Opportunity, the PSM defined on the Opportunity Team, and the Complex Teams email box. Once the Stage has been updated to Sales Accepted, a project manager will be assigned and their contact information will be provided to the agent by the Sales Support rep. For sites requiring construction, the pre-sale survey is an estimate for total cost to build and a Post Sale Walkout is scheduled to validate pre-sales costing which may take up to 10 days for completion.